ASL or English?

I love that the video has a variety of Deaf and Hearing individuals who prefer ASL over spoken English.

I find myself, when at a loss for words, using signs to explain myself better. Visually, it’s easier for me to show you what I’m speaking about, then try to wrestle with English words that may be misunderstood by someone’s previously assumed definitions. I’m not saying that ASL sometimes doesn’t have that issue… I just find it easier to understand and explain in ASL, which is a visual medium. I feel people are generally visual creatures. Thus "Seeing is Believing"

Also, I very much enjoyed the fact that this video shows how ASL and Deaf Culture are tied, as well as Audism. Several of the Deaf individuals stated how if everyone learned ASL, equality for the Deaf would be achieved. Everyone would understand the need for such a beautiful language.

With knowledge comes comprehension and acceptance.

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